Confidentiality and privacy

  • Any work produced by Pages VA services for the client will be copyright to the client unless otherwise agreed

  • Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, the client and Pages VA services may keep a record of all information, as is needed.

  • The nature of the work being carried out will be kept confidential and not be made known without written permission by the client.

  • No details will be shared with third parties unless agreed in writing by the client.

Billing and Payment

  • Introduction consultation by zoom or telephone is free of charge

  • Introduction consultation with travel is changeable at a rate of £10, paid upfront.

  • Adhoc hourly rate, work will be discussed at consultation, an estimated quote will be sent, once accepted and contract signed 50% paid upfront and the remainder paid on completion.

  • Retainer hours, work will be discussed at consultation, and a quote for the retained hours will be sent to yourself, once accepted and contact signed 100% paid upfront.

  • Retained hours last 1 month, they can not be rolled over into the next month, unless otherwise agreed.

  • Work descriptions are to be sent and agreed via email.

  • Any discrepancies the client may have with completed work by Pages VA Services need to be brought to my attention within 48 hours, errors made by Pages VA Services will be rectified free of charge within 48 hours any amendments or additional work will be chargeable at hourly ad-hoc rate.

  • Final checking of work completed by Pages VA Services is the responsibility of the client.

  • The client understands that all estimates given by Pages VA Services for work are an informal calculation and time/cost is subject to review and discussion with the client.

  • If work is stopped or delayed by the client, the work already completed is to be paid in full.

  • Adhoc hourly rate work is billed at a minimum of 1 hour and rounded up to 30 mins thereafter.

  • Bills are to be settled within 7 days of delivery unless otherwise agreed.

  • Unpaid bills will incur interest, as per the government guidelines. If a bill is not paid within 7 days.

  • All postage and packaging, stationery and printing will be invoiced for reimbursement by the client.

  • Payments can be made by bank transfer or Paypal



  • One months’ notice in writing via email.




  • Terms and conditions can be amended at any given time, I will inform you of any changes, Pages VA Services will send you a new copy of the terms and conditions via email.



Look forward to working with you, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.