What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

A virtual assistant, VA for short is a freelance personal assistant or administrator.

VA's usually work with sole traders and small businesses, carrying out tasks that the business owners don't have time to do, don't like doing or are not sure how to do it.

These tasks can range from basic admin duties such as data entry, email management, social media, customer support to basic bookkeeping, invoicing, supply sourcing, credit control, all the way up to niche services such as an administrator in law or the medical industry.

There are many benefits to working alongside a Virtual Assistant (VA), first and foremost is you don't have holiday pay, national insurance, no pension, no insurance and no need for HR.

The going rate at the time I wrote this blog in 2021, is between £25 - £40 per hour in the UK, now I know what you are thinking that is way more than someone who is employed would earn doing the same job, but there are things to consider.

Let's say your employee earns £30,000 a year before tax, here is a breakdown of what you the employer pays for one employee on PAYE.

Gross salary - £30,000

Employer national insurance @ 13.8% - £2927.96

Pension Contribution - £712.00

The employer is paying out £33,640.06 - for one employee

Now you need to consider the 4 weeks holiday you are paying for but they are not working, and the time in the office that they are just sat around not being productive with the time you are paying them for.

Now look at the VA

let say you want 60 hours of work a month and your Virtual Assistant (VA) charges you £1200 for that 60 hours a month, over the year that is £14,400, you get the solid 60 hours work time for half the money you pay for an employee that probably spends half their time zoned out staring at the screen.

The amount of money you save is huge and you get more productivity from a self-employed Virtual Assistant (VA) than an employee. Remote working is the way of the future, and your Virtual Assistant (VA) will become your greatest asset.

Why not free up some of your time and let a Virtual Assistant (VA) do the time consuming jobs you hate and help you make the most of your time.

Remote working is the way of the future, your VA will become your greatest asset.

Remote working is the way of the future, your VA will become your greatest asset.

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